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Grand Riverkeeper Labrador and Labrador Land Protectors hosted the annual snowmobile RIDE for the RIVER event celebrating International Day of Action for Rivers on SATURDAY, MARCH 10th, 2018.

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  • 2018 International Day Action for Rivers

    2018 International Day Action for Rivers

    The Event was a success - read about it, see the photos, sign the petition - RIDE for the RIVER event commemorating 2018 International Day of Action for Rivers Read …

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2 days ago

Grand Riverkeeper Labrador, Inc.

Please join us today in our campaign for Earth Day!

Contact your elected officials! Municipal, provincial, federal, and Indigenous!

Request they give their support for the Independent Expert Advisory Committee recommendations on methyl mercury mitigation on the Grand (Churchill) River from the Muskrat Falls project in Labrador, Canada.

And please, send your support for the recommendations directly to NL Minister Eddie Joyce at or 709-634-7883 or 709-729-3048

Together we can help the planet 💚💙

To learn more about the recommendations, please visit:

#EarthDay2018 #MakeMuskratRight #RiversUniteUs #WaterIsLife #LandProtectors #WaterKeepers
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Grand River, Labrador’s Treasure, Newfoundland’s Secret #1

Grand River, Labrador’s Treasure, Newfoundland’s Secret #2

International Network of Environmental and Social Justice Groups

Multi-State "Mega Dams, Mega Damage" Tour

Mega dams flood huge swaths of the boreal forest, wetlands, wildlife habitat, and destroys aquatic ecosystems. The flooding releases methyl-mercury, a neurotoxin, which bio-accumulates up the food chain contaminating Lake trout, salmon, smelts, and seal, all considered extremely important food sources for northern communities.

Over the past, Canada’s electricity companies have dammed all but three of the country’s largest rivers, damaging the environment and harming native cultures.

In November 2017, an international network of about fifteen environmental and social justice groups held a multi-state speaking tour featuring Roberta Benefiel, Director of the Grand Riverkeeper Labrador, Inc. The “Mega Dams, Mega Damage” tour aimed to raise awareness about the negative impacts of large hydroelectric dams in Canada. She was joined on part of this tour by a young Inuk, woman, Amy Norman, an activist with Labrador Land Protectors.


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The Muskrat Falls megadam threatens all Labradorians, but it is particularly harmful to the livelihood, wellbeing, and even the lives of the Indigenous peoples of Labrador – the Innu, Inuit and Metis.  For more information, reports and articles, refer to the Links page on this website.

Grand Riverkeeper Labrador Inc. is member of Waterkeeper Alliance. Check out their article on Muskrat Falls - Big dams, Big Damage Tour