2018 International Day Action for Rivers

Grand Riverkeeper Labrador, Inc. and Labrador Land Protectors hosted a day of food, fishing, and fun to honour International Day of Action for Rivers. Roughly twenty people enjoyed an amazing day on the frozen Grand River.

Thank you to everyone who made our event such a success!

There is no other beauty and joy like can be found when you are with great people on a frozen river enjoying your culture (ice fishing and wonderful food). It was just incredible out on the river today! Lots of fish (smelts and trout) and powerful sharing! Was also so amazing to see the younger generation baiting their hooks, catching fish, and carrying on the traditions of our ancestors!

This is what protecting the river is all about.

We are so blessed to be in such a beautiful place.

The Threat of the Mega-Dam Project at Muskrat Falls

Sadly though we too have to fight against the governments and corporations that want to threaten our lives, land, and water for their mega-dam project at Muskrat Falls (upstream from where we were today). This threat means our fish will no longer be safe to eat once the hydro dam goes operational and our very lives with be at risk of catastrophic dam failure as the sensitive North Spur is part of the ill conceived project.

Please visit our facebook groups and learn about what is happening and how you can get involved. Right around the globe, hydro and other energy/resource extraction projects threaten our river systems…

our rivers are the bloodlines of the planet, without water there is no future life.

Event Dedicated to Berta Caceres

We also dedicated our event to Berta Caceres who was murdered while protecting against a hydro dam in her country. Last week a high ranking employee of the company building the dam was arrested for her murder. These injustices cannot be tolerated any longer in the name of greed and corruption!

“All water is sacred and lives, land, water, and culture needs to be protected for the next generations. We stand in solidarity with Waterkeepers and Land Protectors everywhere!”

PETITION:  A Call to Suspend the Dangerous Operations at Muskrat Falls, Labrador

Please consider signing our petition

Photos from the Event