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Our river is at risk of being destroyed. Mega dams such as the one being developed at Muskrat Falls is causing, and will continue to cause, MEGA damage - to the river, the land, our way of life and our people.

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Our Goal

Our goal is to preserve and protect the water quality and the ecological integrity of the Grand (Churchill) River and its estuaries for present and future users and for posterity through actions of public awareness, monitoring, intervention and habitat restoration.


Our Policy

To fulfil our mandate, the Corporation will encourage the proper economic use and development and the improvement and protection of the Grand River system. The Corporation will inform and educate the public about the Grand River system, monitor and intervene to protect the river system with the goals of preserving and enhancing the river as a natural resource with great aesthetic, recreational, economic, social and spiritual values. Specifically, the objectives of the Corporation shall include:

  • Protection and Preservation of Grand (Churchill) River, its watershed, and its valley.
  • Protection of the natural order of the river, its watershed, and its valley.
  • To identify and to address point source pollution problems in the Grand River system; and
  • To actively promote economic and environmentally sustainable ecosystem management approaches which will maintain the heritage and intrinsic value of this river and its valleys for present and future generations.


Our Structure

Grand Riverkeeper Labrador Inc. is incorporated as a non-profit organization under the laws of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. We have an eight person Board of Directors consisting of the executive and members at large.  All are unpaid volunteers who work tirelessly to fulfill the corporation's mandate.




Roberta Frampton Benefiel
Denise Cole
Wendy Hillier
Linda Mugford

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What We DO

By nature, we are a peaceful lot but we will not be silenced.  We stand firm on what we believe is right.  We work tirelessly to protect our river. Our efforts are focused on:

  • keeping the public informed about what's actually happening on the Muskrat Falls Project as well as any other proposed development on the Grand River;
  • organizing and participating in awareness campaigns;
  • presenting elected officials with the issues and continuously pressuring all levels of government to address and correct the problems;
  • participating in speaking engagements, nationally and internationally, to raise awareness of the damage that is being done to the river and our people.

Grand Riverkeeper Labrador Inc works in partnership with other local groups such as the Labrador Land Protectors. We are also a member of and active participant in the worldwide Waterkeeper Alliance. Each year we host a 'Ride for the River' as part of the International Day of Action for Rivers. Whenever possible we spread the word about development projects in other parts of the world and the damage that is being caused.  Check our Facebook Page for updates!


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What YOU Can Do

We cannot achieve our mandate alone. We need YOUR support!

Become a member of Grand Riverkeeper Labrador Inc. All individuals, groups and corporations who support the purpose of the Corporation are eligible.

In addition to becoming a member, you can also:

  • If you are a Canadian citizen, contact your elected officials (federally and provincially) and tell them you are against the destruction of the Grand River and sign the petition at http://makemuskratright.com/sign-the-petition
  • If you are a US citizen, contact your politicians and legislators in your state and tell them to REJECT CANADIAN HYDRO


Location: Muskrat Falls, Grand (Churchill) River, Labrador


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Grand Riverkeeper Labrador Inc. is member of Waterkeeper Alliance. Check out their article on Muskrat Falls - Big dams, Big Damage Tour

We Also Support The Labrador Land Protectors

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