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Multi-State “Mega Dams, Mega Damage” Tour

On November 13, 2017, an international network of about fifteen environmental and social justice groups announced the start of a multi-state speaking tour featuring Roberta Benefiel, Director of the Grand Riverkeeper Labrador, Inc. The “Mega Dams, Mega Damage” tour aims to raise awareness about the negative impacts of large hydroelectric dams in Canada. She is be joined on part of this tour by a young Inuk, woman, Amy Norman, an activist with Labrador Land Protectors.

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Groups supporting the tour include:

Grand Riverkeeper Labrador, Inc., Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada
Labrador Land Protectors
Sierra Club Canada Foundation
New York Environmental Law and Justice Project, New York City
Save the Pine Bush, Albany NY
Friends of the Hudson
New Community Project, Vermont
Vermont Climate Union
Antioch New England, Keene NH
Mariposa Museum, Peterborough, NH
Citizens Climate Lobby, Monadnock Chapter
New Hampshire Sierra Club Upper Valley Group (NH, VT)
United American Indians of New England
Vermont Chapter, Sierra Club

For more information, see Press Release


Grand Riverkeeper Labrador Inc Encourages YOU to TAKE ACTION

Right now the federal government is reviewing environmental laws including Environmental Assessment (EA) law, the Fisheries Act, Navigation Protection Act and the National Energy Board. Many groups are in discussions with government about these laws and are also involved in this public campaign to send a clear message to government that federal environment laws must be stronger.

During the 60-day comment period that runs till August 28th, 2017 a coalition of groups—David Suzuki Foundation, Ecojustice, MiningWatch, Sierra Club BC, West Coast Environmental Law and many others including Grand Riverkeeper Labrador  — are asking their supporters to urge their MPs to adopt environmental laws that protect land, air and water and help Canada meet Paris Agreement commitments.

Here are four recent federal environmental and regulatory reviews:


Fisheries Act:



National Campaign to Strengthen Canada’s Environmental Laws

Contact your MP

urging him or her to adopt environmental laws

that protect land, air and water

60-day comment period ends August 28th

Help Canada meet Paris Agreement commitments

Each year Grand Riverkeeper Labrador participates in the worldwide International Day of Action for Rivers. It happens each year in March. Check this site for notices and mark your calendars.

Check out some of the activities, past and present. Click on the specific year of interest to find out more about our events.

To see photos of some of the activities around the world, click here.


International Day of Action for Rivers

Excerpt from associated website:

Every year, thousands of people around the world lift their voices to celebrate the world’s rivers and those who struggle to protect them. The International Day of Action for Rivers is a day to celebrate victories such as dam removal and river restoration. It is a day to take to the streets, demonstrate and demand improvements in the policies and practices of decision makers. It is a day to educate one another about the threats facing our rivers, and learn about better water and energy solutions. Above all, it is a day to unite – by acting together, we demonstrate that these issues are not merely local, but global in scope.

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The Muskrat Falls megadam threatens all Labradorians, but it is particularly harmful to the livelihood, wellbeing, and even the lives of the Indigenous peoples of Labrador – the Innu, Inuit and Metis.  For more information, reports and articles, refer to the Links page on this website.

What YOU can do to Help!

Contact your politicians and legislators in your state and tell them to
Sign the petition at

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