Grand Riverkeeper Supports Wind Energy Project

January 25, 2006
For Immediate Release

Grand Riverkeeper Supports Wind Energy Project

At the consultation meeting with Minister of Natural Resources Ed Byrne re the provinces proposed Energy Plan, Roberta Benefiel, Grand Riverkeeper, announced that her organization

“wholeheartedly supports more environmentally friendly projects such as the proposed 1000-megawatt Height of Land Wind Park announced by Ventus Energy and the Metis Development Corporation.”

Further, she pointed out that the province’s Energy Discussion Paper does not give the attention to wind energy that it deserves. According to the U.S. Research Institute: “The 2004 world energy outlook predicts that in 2030 wind power will be the second largest source of renewable electricity after hydroelectricity.” A paper released in the District of Squamish, BC, Wind Power: an Alternative Energy Opportunity, states “Wind technology is the fastest growing generation source in the world… the United States is experiencing the largest surge in utility scale wind development since the 1980’s… the production of wind-generated electricity emits no greenhouse gases or other harmful air or water pollutants, has shorter construction lead time, has the ability to be modular, meaning more turbines can always be added if loads grow, has no fuel costs, no air emissions, and higher consumer approval.” Further they say “Wind is a perfect complement to hydro power (i.e. Upper Churchill). When the wind is blowing, water can be stored and when it is calm, it could be released to generate power. Wind turbines generate power when it is needed. Wind in Canada are stronger in winter, generates more power in the day than at night, which matches peak loads.”

The province’s energy Plan discussion Paper also states that the costs associated with alternatives are too high at present; but the Canadian Wind Energy Association in Ottawa states the following

“In good wind areas, the cost of generating electricity from wind ranges from 7 to 12 cents per KWH. While this is still somewhat higher than other energy costs, wind energy has no fuel costs and operating costs are continuing to decrease every year by 3 to 5%, partly as a result of greater efficiencies and economies of scale.”

“Besides being more attractive environmentally, the proposal for a wind project on the Height of Land will create about 2000 jobs during the construction phase and another 200 jobs thereafter to maintain it. We feel it is a win-win for all concerned” Roberta said.

For further information on this Press Release:

Roberta Frampton Benefiel, Grand Riverkeeper Labrador
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