NAMRA July Newsletter – A MUST Read

Grand Riverkeeper Labrador has a long term affiliation with NAMRA.  The organization publishes a monthly newsletter that is always a MUST read for everybody interested in saving our rivers from megadam destruction. They have just released their July Newsletter.  Click here

About North American Megadam Resistance Alliance (NAMRA)


North American Megadam Resistance Alliance stands in solidarity with people across the globe taking bold steps to expose and fight systemic racism, discrimination, and colonialism in all its forms. Our mission is inextricably linked to equity and justice for black and indigenous people and all people of color in communities disproportionately affected by the climate crisis and large dams.
In particular, the shameful legacy of Canadian hydropower development embodies the most destructive and racist aspects of colonialism including resource extraction, land grabs, and the ongoing cultural genocide of Indigenous people. We are committed to this fight and ending this long history of injustice.

About our alliance. The North American Megadam Resistance Alliance is a coalition of organizations whose mission is to protect rivers and their communities by resisting megadams and associated transmission corridors.

NAMRA seeks to:

  • Debunk the myth that Canadian hydropower is “clean” and renewable energy, and

  • Shut down markets for dirty Canadian hydropower by stopping transmission corridors to the U.S.

  • Promote alternatives to fossil fuels and megadam hydropower– such as conservation and efficiency.



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