Critical – We Need YOUR Voices

….A critical moment for the people of Labrador. We need your voices to help shine a national spotlight on a major tragedy unfolding. Please sign and share this open letter, and respond to with your name and position

Tour Schedule

The multi-state “Mega Dams, Mega Damage” Tour is underway starting in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Take a look at the Tour schedule and spread the word.

Press Release – November 13, 2017

International Network announces start of multi-state speaking tour featuring Roberta Benefiel, Grand Riverkeeper Labrador, Inc. and Amy Norman of Labrador Land Protectors …

NL econ­o­mist com­pares Site C dam to Muskrat Falls

Paper by NL economist compares Muskrat Falls with Site C and offers a detailed analysis of the many issues surrounding Muskrat Falls … access here

National Campaign to Strengthen Canada’s Environmental Laws

National Campaign to Strengthen Canada’s Environmental Laws _ Contact your MP urging him or her to adopt environmental laws that protect land, air and water

Is NALCOR Rife with Conflicts of Interest?

Uncle Gnarley – Opinons on Newfoundland policy that bite … Have you read his recent blog, IS NALCOR RIFE WITH CONFLICTS OF INTEREST?   If not, take a few minutes to do so.  You will find it interesting.

The public is constantly bombarded with political “spin”

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The Rest of Our Rivers on the Chopping Block

They may be talking about the Lower Churchill in public soon, but, the rest of our rivers are on the chopping block as well

Afraid to Eat Their Catch

One year after a dam ruptured …, people who live along the banks won’t drink the water and fishermen are afraid to eat their catch

New Documentary “Before the Flood”

New Documentary “Before the Flood” takes people on a journey around the world to explore the causes and effects of climate change

Do NOT Poison Our Land

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Reservoir Water Surfaces: A New Global Synthesis

“Hydropower is usually touted as clean energy, but a new study has found man-made reservoirs are producing far more greenhouse gases than previously believed, with most of those emissions in the form of methane, a potent climate-warming gas.”


Click here to download a copy of the study.

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The Muskrat Falls megadam threatens all Labradorians, but it is particularly harmful to the livelihood, wellbeing, and even the lives of the Indigenous peoples of Labrador – the Innu, Inuit and Metis.  For more information, reports and articles, refer to the Links page on this website.

What YOU can do to Help!

Contact your politicians and legislators in your state and tell them to
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