Large Dams Just Aren’t Worth The Cost

Large Dams just aren’t worth the cost..THAYER SCUDDER, the world’s leading authority on the impact of dams on poor people, has changed his mind about dams.

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Bloggers Involved with Muskrat Falls Inquiry

A hearty thank you to these bloggers who are involved in the Muskrat Falls Inquiry and remain committed to revealing the truth. Read their latest

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CBC Reports on Astaldi Lawsuit

CBC reports on Astaldi lawsuit resulted from a Nalcor commissioned report which tound combination of factors could have led to the concrete collapse

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Interview with David Vardy

The Independent interviews David Vardy, former Clerk of the Executive Council and Secretary to Cabinet and chairman of the PUB, is a critic of the Muskrat Falls project

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Critical – We Need YOUR Voices

Critical for the people of Labrador. We need your voices to help shine a national spotlight on a major tragedy unfolding. Sign and share this open letter …

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Press Release Multi-State Speaking Tour November 13, 2017

NOVEMBER 13, 2017

  • Roberta Benefiel, Grand Riverkeeper Labrador, Inc., Tel. 709-987-9414
  • Amy Norman, Labrador Land Protectors, Tel. 514-946-1509
  • Denise Cole, Labrador Land Protectors,

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2016 Ride for the River dedicated to Berta Caceres

2016 Ride the River dedicated to Berta Caceres. The Grand Riverkeeper Labrador is dedicating the “Ride for the River” to assassinated environmentalist.

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Awareness Campaign 2013 – Save Muskrat Falls

Awareness Campaign 2013 – It’s Muskrat Falls Madness and Grand Riverkeeper Labrador is working to raise awareness of the issues. Save Muskrat Falls

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International Day of Action for Rivers 2013

March 14 – 2013 a number of elders from Happy Valley-Goose Bay drove to Muskrat Falls to protest hydro dams as part of International Day of Action for …

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Grand Riverkeeper Supports Wind Energy Project

Press Release – Grand Riverkeeper supports more environmentally friendly projects such as the proposed 1000-megawatt Height of Land Wind Park

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