Grand Riverkeeper Labrador Policy

The purpose of the Corporation is to preserve and protect the water quality and the ecological integrity of the Grand (Churchill) River and its estuaries for present and future users and for posterity through actions of public awareness, monitoring, intervention and habitat restoration.

To fulfil this purpose, the Corporation will encourage the proper economic use and development and the improvement and protection of the Grand River system. The Corporation will inform and educate the public about the Grand River system, monitor and intervene to protect the river system with the goals of preserving and enhancing the river as a natural resource with great aesthetic, recreational, economic, social and spiritual values. Specifically, the objectives of the Corporation shall include:

  • Protection and Preservation of Grand (Churchill) River, its watershed, and its valley.
  • Protection of the natural order of the river, its watershed, and its valley.
  • To identify and to address point source pollution problems in the Grand River system; and
  • To actively promote economic and environmentally sustainable ecosystem management approaches which will maintain the heritage and intrinsic value of this river and its valleys for present and future generations.

All individuals, groups and corporations who support the purpose of the Corporation are welcome to become members of the Grand Riverkeeper Labrador Inc.

Muskrat Falls, Grand (Churchill) River, Labrador


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The Muskrat Falls megadam threatens all Labradorians, but it is particularly harmful to the livelihood, wellbeing, and even the lives of the Indigenous peoples of Labrador – the Innu, Inuit and Metis.  For more information, reports and articles, refer to the Links page on this website.

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