What We Do

By nature, we are a peaceful lot but we will not be silenced.  We stand firm on what we believe is right.  We work tirelessly to protect our river. Our efforts are focused on:

  • keeping the public informed about what's actually happening on the Muskrat Falls Project as well as any other proposed development on the Grand River;
  • organizing and participating in awareness campaigns;
  • presenting elected officials with the issues and continuously pressuring all levels of government to address and correct the problems;
  • participating in speaking engagements, nationally and internationally, to raise awareness of the damage that is being done to the river and our people.

Grand Riverkeeper Labrador Inc works in partnership with other local groups such as the Labrador Land Protectors. We are also a member of and active participant in the worldwide Waterkeeper Alliance. Each year we host a 'Ride for the River' as part of the International Day of Action for Rivers. Whenever possible we spread the word about development projects in other parts of the world and the damage that is being caused. 

In addition to this website, we maintain an active Facebook Page where you'll find public alerts, updates on what's happening, who's saying what, links to related news and the like.

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