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NAMRA July Newsletter – A MUST Read

Grand Riverkeeper Labrador has a long term affiliation with NAMRA.  The organization just published its July Newsletter which is a MUST read


From Uncle Gnarley – Worth the Read

If you don’t subscribe to Uncle Gnarley, you might want to give it some thought.  His blogs are worth the read. His latest is one you won’t want to miss


Grand Riverkeeper Labrador Participates in 2019 Speaking Tour

Grand Riverkeeper Labrador Inc is once again participating in the Mega Dams =Mega Damage Speaking Tour. Find out more on this News Page

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Brief to Senate on Impact Assessment Act

Brief to Senate on Impact Assessment Act – Grand Riverkeeper Labrador and Labrador Land Protectors advise of concerns along with recommendations for change

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Power from massive Canadian dams isn’t renewable

Environmental groups are protesting a New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers conference> Power from massive Canadian dams isn’t renewable

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Muskrat Falls Project Threatens to Drain Budget and Wreck the Economy

Article – Muskrat Falls, the disastrous energy mega project that’s threatening to drain the budget and wreck the economy even further.

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Laos Dam Collapse Leaves Hundreds Missing

Read the article from New York Times – Laos Dam Collapse Leaves Hundreds Missing. Sound familiar? It should be lesson learned for NALCOR and government

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CBC Reports on Astaldi Lawsuit

CBC reports on Astaldi lawsuit resulted from a Nalcor commissioned report which tound combination of factors could have led to the concrete collapse

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Critical – We Need YOUR Voices

Critical for the people of Labrador. We need your voices to help shine a national spotlight on a major tragedy unfolding. Sign and share this open letter …

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Awareness Campaign 2013 – Save Muskrat Falls

Awareness Campaign 2013 – It’s Muskrat Falls Madness and Grand Riverkeeper Labrador is working to raise awareness of the issues. Save Muskrat Falls

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